English & Humanities (7-9)

Community, Achievement, Respect, Effort

English and Humanities (Years 7-9)

English and Humanities covers a broad range of knowledge and skills in an integrated manner. Work at this level is aimed at developing students’ ability to develop justified and reasonable responses which incorporate complex ideas and multiple perspectives.

Students will explore a variety of texts and text types and create presentations and texts in a variety of formats with the aims of developing students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Students will explore the great breadth of the Humanities, particularly history, geography, economics and civics and citizenship. Over the three years students will:

  • Cover history from pre-history through to the period of great change in the 1700s and 1800s, including the shaping of Australia during this time, culminating in World War I;
  • Explore a large variety of geographical environments, events, skills, concepts and themes;
  • Learn about being a good citizen, our Australian democracy and Australian society, including issues confronting our society; and
  • Explore the basic systems that underlie our economic system.