The work of a Chaplain

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The work of a Chaplain

Donna works with the Wellbeing team to provide an environment in which students, staff and parents are nurtured. Her work in the college is described as a wellbeing educational and pastoral presence and service. Donna is qualified in Pastoral Ministry and Counseling.

Donna is available to all in the college community to assist them through difficult times such as:

  • Peer Group Pressure
  • Family Issues
  • Spirituality/Faith Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Identity Development

Donna's strength lies in her ability to easily develop relationships and encourage others within the school community. She is also available to speak at churches and community organisations about his work at the Warragul Regional College

Programs to enhance student wellbeing:

  • Mood Management
  • Anti Bullying
  • Life Skills
  • Self Image/Self Esteem
  • Community Work
  • School Shed Horticulture Program
  • Peer Support
  • Lunchtime Chill Groups
  • Breakfast Program
  • Peer Mediation/Communication Skills
  • Fundraising

Although an integral part of our college life at Warragul, our Chaplain is partially funded through the Department of Education, and Training. She is contracted as an employee of the ACCESS Ministries.

Funding is provided by the fundraising activities of the Chaplaincy Committee. The college also contributes to funds raised by the committee. A third of the chaplains full time wage is also provided by the governments National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

ACCESS is an ecumenical body charged with the responsibility for providing Chaplaincy in Victorian State Schools under the Education Act. It provides this service in partnership with the Schools Community and Christian churches.