Student Leadership at WRC

“Throughout my six years at Warragul Regional College, I have always been involved in Student Union and Student leadership. This year I have been lucky enough to have been voted as school captain at the school. I have gained so much experience and skills including people skills, (being able to talk to people more easily), responsibility and time management (organising time between meetings, homework and commitments) and team building skills. As a school captain I became involved with students and helping them out.

I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments as Students Leaders and I’m proud of Warragul Regional College.”

Kristen Houghton.

“Being a 2012 School Captain has been a great way to end six years at Warragul Regional College. I have had such great opportunities to meet people from different schools, area and countries with the many different exchange students we have had the pleasure of hosting. In my time at Warragul Regional College I have had the ability to develop my public speaking and leadership skills. It has been a fantastic six years and I will be sad to leave all these great teachers and students behind.”

Vanessa Harkess