The Work of a Chaplain

College Chaplain: (Ph: 5623 9900)


Korus Connect Chaplaincy: Is a Christian service, which exists to provide pastoral care in schools.

The aim of a School Chaplain is to support the overall wellbeing of students and the broader school community by providing pastoral care services.

Pastoral care is defined as the commitment to, and active demonstration of concern for, the growth and wellbeing of each student, as well as the broader school community. It focuses on cultivating an environment and culture that supports the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of every student.

Pastoral care is the provision the school makes to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of your child. … A successful pastoral care programme means that your child is safe, happy, involved and able to perform to their potential. They are integrating well with other pupils and any problems are spotted and dealt with.

Therefore, effective pastoral care can improve students’ attendance and retention rates; foster an orderly atmosphere where all students can access opportunities, and enhance their academic achievements; promote tolerance, especially in students and teachers with due regard for protected characteristics; and subdue racism and inequality, and teach respect for self and others. Pastoral care includes proactive elements – such as developing skills that build resilience, promoting a school culture that emphasises respect, teamwork and participation – and reactive elements like providing comfort in response to hurt, or encouragement in the face of disappointment.

Chaplains in state schools: Are not permitted to proselytize and must respect, accept, and be sensitive to other peoples’ views, values, and beliefs. School Chaplains must abide by the relevant Department of Education School Chaplaincy Guidelines, the service agreement between the school and Chaplaincy provider; Korus Connect policies and procedures.


Key Accountabilities: Key Result Area Duties – Pastoral Care

  • Caring for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the whole school community by way of confidential pastoral care.
  • Crisis intervention and trauma support.
  • Provide input relating to students, families, and staff welfare to the school wellbeing team.
  • Liaise with various external agencies as necessary and, if required, accompany students to these agencies.
  • Act as an advocate and mediator between members of the school community in a way that reflects the notions of reconciliation.
  • Upon request, assist individuals to reflect on their personal and interpersonal and spirituality
  • Assists on school camps, activities and programs


Currently working on

  1. Breakfast Club
  2. Lunch program: Social Club friendships building
  3. Therapy dog: wellbeing of students
  4. Wellbeing of students