Foods at WRC

The Foods department at this school has been established since the beginning of its history- over 100 years ago. Who can forget as a student the waft of tempting odours travelling up the corridors and into your classrooms nearby?

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” 
James Beard.

Foods (Home Economics) continues to be a very popular subject amongst students and offers a range of practical topics, nutrition and health related information.

  • Foods is compulsory for one semester in years 7 & 8. In year 7 the focus is on the Healthy Diet Pyramid Model and at year 8 we look at the Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • Foods is an elective subject in year 9 and it focuses on nutrition through the lifespan and a unit on decorating a fruit cake- a long tradition at this school due to popular demand
  • In year 10 students can choose two elective subjects. Patisserie offers students the chance to experience and practice the skills that a Pastry Chef would require. Foods allow students to practice their skills and learn about the various courses of a formal meal as well as try a variety of specialty topics
  • Foods is also offered at the VCE level in years 11 & 12.