Languages at WRC

Warragul Regional College offers the opportunity to study the languages Indonesian or Japanese subjects on Campus. The study of other languages may be possible through Distance Education organised through the College.

The Aims of Language Study include:

  • To introduce the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and the use of body language, visual cues and signs
  • To expose students to aspects of a different culture
  • To encourage care and accuracy in presentation
  • To develop connections between language and culture
  • For students to communicate in Indonesian with a fluent speaker as far as their command of the language permits
  • Studying a language also improves thinking and problem solving skills.

The study of Indonesian develops students’ ability to understand the culture and use the language of a country which is one of Australia’s closest neighbours and to promote the strengthening business, tourism and education links with Indonesia.


Japanese is one of the most widely taught languages from the Asia-Pacific region in Australian schools. It recognises the close economic and cultural ties between the two countries. Students will study modern standard Japanese in both written and spoken forms.

Further information can be found in the Student Handbooks

Your Language Destiny at Warragul Regional