Senior Chemistry at WRC

Senior Chemistry at Warragul Regional College gives students a comprehensive and exciting introduction to the world of Chemistry.

  • Year 10 looks at Our Colourful Chemistry as an elective. Here students have the opportunity to challenge themselves and establish the literacy and numeracy skills specific to Chemistry, while gaining the skills and knowledge required for VCE Chemistry.
  • Year 11 (VCE Units 1 & 2) focuses on the big ideas of Chemistry and the environment. Here students are able to utilise software to build 3D molecular structures, manipulate data, and collaborate with peers in activities.
  • Year 12 Chemistry (VCE Units 3 & 4) further support’s students in building chemical analysis skills and their ability to perform extended investigations. The students are able to explore real life applications of Chemistry gaining an in-depth knowledge of industrial chemical processes and investigate the production and use of renewable fuels.