Advanced, Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) Program

The program was introduced to Warragul Regional College in 2006 as part of the philosophy that the school has an obligation to cater for the needs of ALL students including those who would benefit from extension.

Students accepted in the ACE program remain with the same group of like-minded students throughout their middle school years (years 7 to 9), with the exception of LOTE (Indonesian and Japanese) and electives in year 9.

In the ACE (Advanced Curriculum and Enrichment Program) at Warragul Regional College students will be equipped to become productive citizens in a world where knowledge is no longer the main currency but the application and transference of that knowledge is paramount.

In the ACE Program, students develop elite skills in:

  • Critical thinking: particularly advanced research skills
  • Creative thinking: for example high level problem solving
  • Collaborative skills: the ability to lead and be part of a team
  • Caring/affective thinking: the capacity to be sensitive of the impact of their actions on others

By developing high level skills in these areas, students will be able to meet the challenges of becoming a global citizen in the 21st century.