Student Union at WRC

Aims and ideals of the Students Union.

  • The Student Union exists for the student body.
  • It seeks to make the daily lives of students better.
  • It seeks to represent the interests of students in decision-making forums.
  • It seeks to provide resources for members of the student body to access for worthwhile pursuits.
  • It seeks to raise the awareness of students on important issues.

Some of the responsibilities of the Student Union representatives include:

  • Attending regular Student Union Meetings.
  • Helping to organise school events like B.B.Q’s, Athletic sports novelty events, swimming sports novelties, House competitions in co-operation with House Captains.
  • Organise charity fund raisers.
  • We support numerous charities and social causes, such as World Vision, Amnesty International, Shave for a Cure.
  • Attend some of the school council sub-committees like Finance, ‘Well-Being’, Facilities etc. once a month.
  • Attend Wreath-laying and other ceremonies outside of the school
    Meet people when they visit the school. (This will occasionally occur during class time, but is rare.)
  • Liaise with Year level teams on a regular basis to keep them in touch with student concerns.
  • Attend and possibly speak at ‘Information Nights’ that the school runs for students passing from one level to the next.
  • Help to organise assemblies.